I've made my pledge on Kickstarter/Indiegogo/pre-ordered on your website, how do I get my insoles?

Thanks for your support! The first step is to wait for us at Wiivv HQ to send you your promo code to ensure you can flow through the app. We are doing this in waves—and will be sure to track you down when it is your turn!

Next step will be downloading the iOS app here.

We will be in touch to give you all of the information you need! As a quick guide:

  • January February – Pre-orders from orders in the fall
  • February – First wave of Kickstarter orders
  • March – Second wave of Kickstarter orders
  • April – Third wave of Kickstarter orders
  • May – Fourth wave of Kickstarter orders 
  • August – International Kickstarter orders, and Indiegogo orders


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