What are some best practices for getting suitable pictures of my feet?

The app itself will guide you through the process, practically making you a pro at it in the process. But some things to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Make sure the background of the picture stays the same throughout all your shots. Sort of like continuity in the movies—that blue couch in your background shouldn't suddenly be red in the next picture, nor should your cute cat suddenly make an appearance!

  2. One foot at a time. Make sure that when capturing one foot, that only that foot is in the frame. Our algorithm is smart, but why not help it out a little :)!

  3. Make sure your whole foot is in the frame (in both the top- and side-view shots, remember). Don't be too bashful!

  4. When you're taking the photos, just stand naturally. Don't even think about it. (Sorry—that might actually make you think about it.)

  5. Take the pictures in a well-lit space. Make sure you're not on carpet, but rather a hard surface. For example: tile, concrete, and hardwood are all fine.


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